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Which API endpoint do I use to add an user?
Write an internal report for the top 5 customers.
Summarize all mentions of our drug from these papers.
How did revenue in 2022 compare to 2021?
Unlock the magic of GPT and other large language models applied to your specific data. This app enables you to build a highly customized AI without having to worry about the tricky behind-the-scenes steps. You're able to plug in your own data sources, quickly iterate on prompts by running experiments or evaluations, and generate an elegant hosted UI to interact with the model. Most of the annoying parts are abstracted away, but there's enough freedom to make it super powerful without writing any code. Feel free to reach out if you want to give feature suggestions, tell us about your use case, or possibly help out!
Use Cases
Simple Prompts
Share a hosted chat app with others based around your custom prompt. Use the tools to quickly experiment across different prompts and models (including new Chat models).
Question & Answer
Inject various data sources into the model as context or few-shot examples. You'll be able to chat with an AI with highly specialized knowledge relevant to you.
Summarize information across custom documents and data. Chaining across multiple model API calls is mostly taken care of behind the scenes, with some customization.
Write reports or blog posts based on custom context and topics. You can also run rudimentary evaluations of your creations across datasets.
Use with
The interface between LLMs and your data